When the Lazarica Church opened its doors for Birmingham Heritage Week many of us were astounded to discover this incredibly beautiful church right here on our doorstep that can give some of Rome’s best a run for their money with its beautiful interior.Lazarica outside rear view with Christ statue

2018 is the 50th anniversary of this Church of the Holy Prince Lazar whose relics lie in the church’s foundations.

The Lazarica, completed in 1968 was designed in a 14th Century Byzantine style creating a stunning, spiritual elegance that is a true tribute to the power of faith.

Lazarica ceiling Christ mural

All these fantastic murals were painted by Serbian artist  Dušan Mihajlović over a five-year period. A true labour of love they celebrate Christ, scenes from the bible including the twelve major Christian feasts and pay homage to priestly saints and warrior saints

Lazarica altar

Over 10,000 Orthodox Serbs came to work in the UK’s essential industries after being exiled from former Yugoslavia during the Second World War. In a tremendous show of community spirit, they combined to raise funds to build the church with support from the Cadbury family and Bournville Village Trust.

Lazarica interior wall with balcony

It is a virtuoso display of storytelling and it’s no surprise that in 1968 the church was consecrated in front of 6,000 people.

Lazarica interior alcove

The relics on display have an incredible history and heritage linked to important figures such as St Patrick.

Lazarica table of relics

I found the detailing here especially beautiful.

Lazarica embroidered relic

Don’t miss this year’s Open Day which is on Saturday 15th September 10 am to 4 pm as part of Birmingham Heritage Week

As an added bonus, the same day also sees the launch day of an incredible exhibition of Serbian medieval fresco copies next door in St Lazar’s Hall. You have to go back to 1953 for an exhibition at The Tate for the last time that such art has been seen in the UK.

Serbian Medieval Fresco

These beautiful images have been painstakingly recreated from frescoes in monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija by the Faculty of Arts in Belgrade so that audiences across the world can enjoy them too.

Father Nenad is delighted to have the exhibition from Sep 15th to Sep 28th “This collection of twenty frescoes depicts traditional Serbian and Byzantine Orthodox scenes from the Holy Gospels and images of saints. The frescoes originate from the 13th to 15th centuries. The collection was created using images from well-known monasteries such as Gračanica, Sopoćani and Visoki Dečani.”

Entry to the exhibition is free on the Open Day and then £5 (£3 concessions) on the door Monday to Friday until the Sep 28th.

Fresco Exhibition details.

Lazarica website. 

The Lazarica Church is just off the A38 Bristol Road South close to Bournville School.