I wouldn’t normally stalk someone on social media but…..I lovvvvvvve the cake! No one makes cakes like the awesome duo BAKE and if you are not a regular at Tilt coffee shop you will have to track them down at a different location every weekend to enter the baking equivalent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and uncover a world of delights that will wow your taste buds and thrill your imagination!

bake cake display including bundt cakesand cookie sandwiches

This ain’t no Gregg’s counter where you’re getting excited that they’ve put a little Rudolph ring on the mini Xmas cakes. This is next level, matrix, nirvana blow your mind territory we’re talking about! Look how happy that dog is that he’s getting the ultimate good boy treat.

salted peanut millionaires shortbread

The BAKE dream team Steve Taylor and Marcos Duddy have been wowing everyone with their unique creations influenced by some incredible family recipes since 2009. Now I have seen all those people queuing outside Tim Horton’s and coming away victorious with a box of Timbits under their arms. I appreciate that enthusiasm but with due respect, my BAKE cake stash will blow them out of the water!

bake cake selection

On the left we have chunky monkey, blueberry white chocolate ricotta tart and a duo of cookies and cream red velvet baby bundts. On the right we have a duo of peanut butter bombs, a red velvet baby bundt and a mini strawberry cheesecake. Please don’t take me on in the ‘who’s bought the best cake’ war!

The chocolate pumpkin bundt cake is a true favourite of mine. One of BAKE’s very best.

chocolate pumpkin bundt cake

Caramel apple is on my ‘need to try’ list. Hit me up with that vanilla frosting and gooey salted caramel. BAKE only use the highest quality ingredients, we’re talking organic flour, butter and fairtrade sugar and cocoa.

caramel apple cake

The Fat Albert will break any new year’s resolutions you have to only eat healthy food. Choc chips with gooey caramel topped with milk chocolate. Not even kale will save your calorie count!

fat albert cake and pumpkin dirty brownie

How about 2 cakes in 1?! Red velvet cheesecake brownie. On the right we have a white chocolate chip blondie with custard cream biscuits topped with custard frosting. Eat your heart out Paul Hollywood!

red velvet cheesecake brownie and custard cream cake

The good news is that BAKE also deliver handmade goodies such as cakes, cheesecakes and cupcakes straight to your door. Have a browse on their website and treat yourself and your loved ones to something special.

cake selection by bake

Useful Information

BAKE are taking a break until the end of the January. You can catch them at regular markets such as the King’s Heath Farmers Market (1st Saturday of the month and the Moseley Farmer’s Market (last Saturday of the month).

I tend to catch them at The Bond seasonal markets and the Independent Birmingham festivals. You can order direct from the maestros on the BAKE website You really need to follow the BAKE Instagram to keep up with the latest creations and plan your spree at their next market appearance.

What’s your favourite BAKE cake?