We were delighted to receive a stunning sneak preview of the astonishing  The Bear Grylls Adventure attraction that opens on Wednesday 12th September by the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre. This is a £20m heaven for those of us that like to try new things, test our mind, body and spirit whilst experiencing the kind of adrenaline thrills that you would normally have to go overseas for or spend a small fortune on.

Diving, flying, climbing, tightrope walking, code-breaking and an action-packed assault course for those wannabe Ninja Warriors out there means that Bear Grylls Adventure has it all.

There is also an escape room, survival maze, archery range and a climbing range that recreates Mount Everest, El Capitan at Yosemite and an imposing Fontainbleau course that will require stamina and skill to conquer.

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The adventure gets off to a strong atmospheric start with that giant replica of a Chinook helicopter (two times the normal size) that will see visitors zip wire overhead across to begin the High Ropes challenge which is Europe’s highest standing at over 20 metres tall.

Bear Grylls Adventure Birmingham Entrance

Don’t look down whatever you do! The challenges get harder the higher you go up.

Bear Grylls Activities

You have six main options to choose from:

  1. Basecamp by itself which is a 90-minute course with four exciting challenges each taking around 22 minutes. From £20.
  2. Climbing plus Basecamp with 20 different climbing challenges inside to choose from. From £35.
  3. Diving plus Basecamp sees you scuba or snorkel as you dive with the sharks. From £35.
  4. iFly plus Basecamp is the chance to skydive in a vertical wind tunnel. From £35.
  5. High Ropes plus Basecamp is your chance to take on 36 challenges over 5 storeys outside. From £35.
  6. Go All In package at £160 means that you can do everything over an incredible 8 hour period.

Once your inside, head under the canopy to the welcome desk and pick up your digital wrist strap that will vibrate when it’s time to start whatever adventures you have prebooked.

Bear Grylls Adventure Welcome Desk

The map below declares that this is: THE HOME OF EARTH’S GREATEST CHALLENGES!! It also gives you some idea of the huge scale of the centre. Unless you are a superhuman you will need a few trips to complete all these options.

Bear Grylls Adventure Map


We headed straight over to the stunning Dive attraction. Beautifully designed with a range of exotic fish, stingrays, sharks and a gigantic fish nicknamed Megatron this is your chance to learn how to snorkel and scuba dive even if you have never tried it before.

Bear Grylls Adventure Dive

Full instructions and training are given to you at the beginning of your adventure. We loved the design of the area which is hand-painted and gave us a feel of the Titanic underwater “I PUT THE COAT ON HER!”

Bear Grylls Adventure Dive

You’ll need calm nerves, stamina and teamwork as you begin your tropical exploration.

Bear Grylls Adventure dive

Pull on your wetsuits and head of to the smaller training pool to get accustomed to the diving equipment before making your way down the underwater stairs to the big pool.

Bear Grylls Adventure Dive showers

This is a challenge to thrill and wow you as your adrenaline rises during this close encounter with these beautiful creatures.


Basecamp consists of four 22 minute challenges over a stamina-testing 90-minute course. You can book Basecamp by itself and it also comes free when you book any other activity. First up is the escape room, think smart and act fast to escape to the next challenge.

Bear Grylls Adventure Escape Room

Challenge two is getting out of a dark survival maze before the walls close in on you. If you make it out, this monster assault course awaits you. High walls, tricky ropes and six-foot walls to clamber over if you want to make it across to the other side.

Bear Grylls Adventure Assault Course

This video shows the top section of the assault course. Those swings are harder than they look to cross.

It will come as a relief to many that the final challenge is a test of skill after all those endurance and stamina-sapping obstacles of the previous round.

Bear Grylls Adventure Archery

You will be doing well if you are hands are not shaking with exhaustion at this point.

Bear Grylls Adventure Archery


There are no easy multi-coloured handles to spot on these recreations of famous climbing ranges from around the world. You will have to stretch as far as you can to make to the top of these  The section of this wall below is an exact copy of a climb up El Capitan in Yosemite. Other mountains to climb include Mount Everest and Fontainebleau during your 60-minute climbing and bouldering experience.

Bear Grylls Adventure Climb

There is also the iFly skydiving experience which is still being created so we will add some photos of that in soon.


A Boots meal deal is not going to cut it after you have pushed yourself physically and mentally to the limit. Will you go for the pizzas and flatbread options or has all this wilderness experience given you an appetite for scorpion snacks?

Bear Grylls Adventure Cafe

The canteen is situated to the right of the entrance in case you need to fuel up before you start.

Bear Grylls Adventure Interior

See that cool army truck in the middle of the floor? You can eat your meals inside there. Brilliant!

Bear Grylls Adventure Cafe


Intense experiences create strong memories and emotions so you will deserve to treat yourself to a memento of your awesomeness.

Bear Grylls Adventure Shop

Those backpacks are seriously cool.

Bear Grylls Adventure Shop

This is the actual ice pick that Bear Grylls used to climb up Mount Everest when aged only 23 in 1998. Bear has been fully involved in the creation and design across all the challenges.

Bear Grylls Everest Ice Pick

This section has got Xmas presents written all over it. If I went to the gym I would pose with one of those water bottles for sure. I don’t sweat you!

Bear Grylls Adventure Merchandise

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You will need to wear suitable clothing for your adventure and you will find tips on how to make the most of your Bear Grylls Experience on the official website here: Plan Your Visit Give it a go and let us know how you get on!