Bowling for grown-ups is the best way to describe Lane 7’s boutique bowling alley with its stylish interior, comfy booths and classy wooden bowling lanes that takes bowling upmarket in a new and refreshing way.

leather booths inside Lane 7

Lane 7 has added a much-needed entertainment option in The Cube and is situated on level 6. These booths are perfect for enjoying a drink if you arrive a little early for your game. If you’re a lover of selfies you can grab your wings in this area just before the bar.

You won’t strike out at the bar as it has a decent range of drinks including alcoholic milkshakes, mocktails and a cocktail menu full of gin and vodka options.

bar staff at lane 7

Lane 7 does not have an in-house kitchen so the food is limited to mainly burgers and fries which is supplied by neighbouring restaurants in The Cube. You are not allowed to eat by the bowling lanes however so it’s best to plan this for before or after your game.

booths by Lane 7 bar

The retro arcade is lots of fun especially if you like classics such as Donkey Kong and Space Invaders.

arcade games area at lane 7

Tokens for the machines are available at the bar. 5 tokens for £6 or 20 tokens for £15 which is a much better deal.

space invaders and track and field retro arcade games

There are also three American shuffleboards that you can hire for around £10 as well as two beer pong tables which is around £20 to play.

American shuffleboard and private bowling lanes

There are 9 lanes in total at Lane 7 which includes 2 private bowling lanes (pictured above) that are perfect if you have a special occasion to celebrate.

bowling lanes at lane 7

No need to hunt around for the right bowl as each lane has one of each size.

tenpin bowling balls

It’s ‘Glory or the gutter’ once the bowling action kicks off.

glory or the gutter sign

A nice way to finish your trip is to book the karaoke room which holds up to 16 people and costs around £7 per person.

Useful Information

You can book online through the website or by emailing Lane 7 with your preferred date and time or by giving them a call on 0121 289 5395.

Normally you can only book 1 game in advance at peak times and then inquire on the night about the availability of a 2nd game. You are able to book a second game in advance during off-peak periods.

Lane 7 is open Monday to Thursday from 4pm to late and on Friday to Sunday from 11am to late.

Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult and after 7pm the venue is for adults only.

Top Tip: Avoid Saturdays as it gets very busy and a bit crammed which affects bar queues and space around the arcade games etc.