Just when you think that you couldn’t love one of your favourite movies even more, along comes Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen to add a touch of magic and fun by creating some fantastic cakes and treats inspired by the movie, cleverly proceeding to pause the movie at strategic points to serve you these incredible creations! Welcome to the world of the movie taste-along!

We joined the Silence of the Lambs screening at the lovely Electric Cinema, who host a brilliant range of events and screenings way above anything you’ll find at a multiplex. We previously went to the Conjurer’s Kitchen screening of the original Saw movie last Halloween and absolutely loved it. The playful groans and gasps from the audience when Annabel would pause the movie at the gory parts were in anticipation of what horror-inspired treat could be coming next.  I think the red velvet and white chocolate brains was my favourite treat at that one.

silence of the lambs scenes with related food

It feels like the movie is coming to life when Annabel hands you a treat straight out of the film. The extra sensations of touch, taste and smell add to the normal viewing senses of sight and sound to tickle all your five senses at once! Our first treat of the night was when Annabel served us Migg’s tongue!

tongue cake

If you have seen the movie you’ll know that this relates to the scene where Jodie Foster finds out that Hannibal Lecter tormented his cellmate ‘Multiple’ Miggs for doing something rather disgusting to her character Clarice Starling. He tormented him so much that he caused him to swallow his tongue and now we get to eat his tongue! It was delicious! A lovely little raspberry sponge cake.

silence of the lambs exhibit label

A diamond-shaped portion of skin anyone? The killer is called Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs because he skins his victims. This cake related to the scene where they discover the two diamond patches of skin removed from one of his victims during an autopsy. I wouldn’t normally eat during an autopsy but this marzipan delicacy was irresistible.

skin cake

As the movie progresses we get to find out some disturbing details about Buffalo Bill’s modus operandi of kidnapping his victims and then keeping them trapped in an old well so he can starve them to make their skin loose so that he can cut it off them easier without damaging it. “It rubs the lotion on its skin then it puts it in the basket”.  So precious is the skin to Bill that you have got to stick to his strict moisturising routine or “you’ll get the hose”. The lotion was a stupendous chocolate ganache.

Buffalo bill's skin lotion

Look at these mighty fine intestines! It was an unfortunate end for one of the policemen when Hannibal made his escape from his cage towards the end of the movie. Hannibal cut open the officer then tied him high onto the outside of his cell as if it was some kind of outlandish art exhibition. This really takes the biscuit!

intestines biscuit

Buffalo Bill likes to dance around in his bedroom, trying wigs on and doing a really great job with his lipstick to be fair. It was a fitting finale then that Annabel gave us a Buffalo Bill branded Precious lipstick named after his little dog pictured in the photo near the top.

silence of the lambs lipstick

Annabel pictured below mentioned that she is off to Canada in October for a mind-boggling four day Hannibal festival called Fannibal Fest. I’m a huge fan of the TV series and it’s famous gourmet dinners so am sad that I missed out on a sensational Conjurer’s Kitchen Hannibal feast previously held at the Electric. I also missed the Se7en event. Sad times. Respect to the Electric staff joining in the fun to hand me my ‘Precious’ lipstick. Despite his generosity, I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Annabel Vetten and Electric Staff member dressed as hannibal lecter

Annabel also creates bespoke wonderful wedding and birthday cakes so if you need something showstopping for your party check out her website Conjurer’s Kitchen. She will also be back later this year with another movie taste-along event but you’ll have to keep an eye on the Electric website to find out which movie. She did share her secret but I’m going to have to keep it!