Digbeth Arts Market kicked off their special live art event and market at Digbeth Dining Club in style with a day full of live art, music, photography, jewellery and incredible merchandise.  Emre Süner was displaying his incredible range of portraits of stars such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and his series of young musician portraits for the Town Hall and Symphony Hall.

Credit: Emre Süner aka Mr Creative

I have never seen work created with colouring pencils like this anywhere!

That Bloke Wilson

Tom Wilson aka  That Bloke Wilson spent the day creating a new masterpiece with one of his most famous characters. The skeleton is doing his daily commute in the photo! I also especially liked his Wine Monster piece, I know a few of those!

Fox Soup Rucksack

Fox Soup have a really great range of merchandise including bags, t-shirts, badges, cards and prints. You would be the coolest kid in school with one of these bags.

Hunger Moon Band, windy and wild earringsHunger Moon sang a nice range of songs during their 30-minute set including Fleetwood Mac giving a nice chilled vibe to the atmosphere. Windy and Wild had her brilliant range of origami earrings to sell, they are so unique.

LSD Creative

LSD Creative had a wonderful range of photos taken from her trip to Budapest in a ruin bar. Very atmospheric and I loved the vibrancy of the natural colours of the lighting.

Famous When Dead

I have a real soft spot for pop culture and Famous When Dead’s inspiration from it.  Like me, he loves Elvis and Audrey Hepburn. I thought the spaceman above and his NASA suit was super cool.

famous when dead audrey hepburn, daft punk

The Daft Punk work was very apt as this a night to be lucky and enjoy these incredibly talented artists. If you have been down to Digbeth Dining Club since late May you will have noticed the 4 incredible large street art panels attached outside to the railings. This stunning work below was created by Famous When Dead at the May Live Art event.


Now, this is doing street food in style. What a seriously cool crowd created by ROOTS0121

ROOTS0121 Art

Credit: ROOTS0121

I love the cheeky character hiding in the pink hairdo! Inspired work by That Bloke Wilson.

that bloke wilson art

Credit: ROOTS0121

No beating the marvellous enthusiasm of this crazy guy created by Chunxx Illustrations

chunxx illustrations art

Credit: ROOTS0121

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