If you are used to playing a nice little game of mini golf around Cannon Hill Park or competing with the little’uns at Star City prepare to be shocked, entertained and wowed! Ghetto Golf has taken this quaint little game and turned the volume right up by throwing in hip-hop music, cocktails, smokey barbecue food and street art galore to thrill you and overwhelm your senses. The bus above is actually one of the holes. It’s quite hard too as the lights inside flash on and off to disorientate you when putting down the bus!

Ghetto Golf Birmingham Bar

This is golfing for the over 18s only and not for the faint-hearted. An incredible range of cocktails with some unusual combinations. ‘Ghetto Island’ with rum and passionfruit sounds great and who could turn down a ‘Bad Man Ting’? We would recommend that you have a drink and give the street food a try as 18 holes require a lot of energy and you risk losing your golfing mojo halfway around if you don’t. You can even order drinks as you play and stop off at a mini bar between holes.

Ghetto Golf Birmingham Cocktail List

The whole venue is a massive tribute to street art and if you know your Birmingham artists you will enjoy your trip even more by spotting some of their ace pieces as you make your way around 18 visually stunning holes.

Ghetto Golf Birmingham Street Art

Hole 1 for example, has this incredible piece by Chunxx with golf balls for eyeballs.

Ghetto Golf Street Art

The approach to the Blockbuster hole is unusual, to say the least.

ghetto golf Birmingham

I don’t remember watching Tiger Woods having to overcome obstacles such as these when attempting to win another major title.

ghetto golf Birmingham gimp

If you make it to the next hole Freddie Krueger is waiting inside for you.

Freddie Krueger art

This House of Horrors continues with Hellraiser.

Void One Graffiti and Hellraiser art

If that’s not disturbing enough, the power of Christ will compel you to take your shots as quickly as possible before Regan starts yelling cutting obscenities at you.

Exorcist Art Ghetto Golf Birmingham

The tenpin bowling themed hole is pretty tricky to negotiate.

bowling alley hole

Towards the very end of the course, things go neon style in a big way! Have fun spotting retro arcade favourites such as Pac Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. Hole 17 has serious penalties for your ball ending up in the wrong place and you might find your party’s leaderboard reversed if you’re not careful.

Respect to this serious G.

Hole 18 is also your best chance for a hole in one if you’re not too heavy handed with your shot.

Don’t rush home after your game! Take a left when you exit and you find yourself amongst some seriously great street art!

Gent 48 Graffiti

Gent 48 has created a range of stunners nearby in the Custard Factory rear exit.

Gent 48 and Ziner Graffiti

The huge work above is a collaboration with Ziner.

Gent 48 Graffiti

What about these two eye-catching ladies!  Jules Muck is the artist behind the cyclops gal.

Graffiti Digbeth

if you’re not converted to being a street art fan after all this then you never will be!

Need to Know

Ghetto Golf is for over 18s only and you will need your ID to ensure that you don’t get caught out by the challenge 25 policy.

The dress code is smart casual so no tracksuit bottoms or sports shorts.

A round of golf is £10 per person and you have the option of booking drinks packages with cocktails etc.

Find out more here: Ghetto Golf website