It was a real pleasure to join in the Igers Birmingham Meetup on February the 3rd around Digbeth and its incredible street art. This was despite the heavy rain making it difficult to take good photos and giving you a good soaking for your efforts.  The above artwork is by Phlegm who is based in Sheffield but graced Birmingham with this stunning piece.

The fox on the canal is by Annatomix and gave off a wonderful reflection on the canal for photos. The Peaky Blinders art is by Goat and was on a road full of parked cars so hard to get a full shot of this ace piece.

Suki 10C GraffitiSuki 10c is practically an outdoor art gallery! AngryFace is the artist who created these colourful pieces. I was especially taken with the below right piece. Scary!

Graffiti by Stencil Shed and Angry Face

The awesome gas mask portrait is by Stencil Shed in Digbeth Community Garden and had a big impact on everyone who saw it. I think the branches of the tree in the photo also add to the powerful message.

Blogger Mummy Piggles and Daughter

For me, the two coolest Instagrammers of the day were comedian and blogger Mummy Piggles aka Lisa and her daughter who zoomed around the Digbeth route on their scooters. Below was another ace image by Annatomix in a car park close to the Typhoo Wharf building. The angle of the work makes you think the spider is about to crawl over the wall. Love it!

Annatomix SpiderI have to say a big thank you to Beth Astington and Martin O’Callaghan for organising the meet-up plus Colatron whose expert knowledge of street art helped curate a fantastic day around Digbeth.


Look out for more Instameets here: Igers Birmingham