What a treat an Independent Birmingham Festival is! You get the best of the best food, drink, arts, crafts and music joyously delivered in one venue. Last Summer it was the amazing Aston Hall, this time the very cool The Bond Company in Digbeth.

I could honestly do a dissertation on the skills of the two BAKE guys. They are wizards with their unique cakes and brownies which you simply cannot find anywhere else. Dream creations such as chocolate raspberry layer cake and chunky monkey are for me the definition of love at first bite.

Chocolate Raspberry cake and chunky monkey

Below is the fantastic Hot Cross Bun Pudding cake. Please don’t judge my takeaway box of goodies, it’s always important to stock up in case of emergencies.

Hot Cross Bun Pudding and selection of cakes

I was also knocked out by the famous Beki’s Brownies. The Malteser bunny brownie was fun and the cupcakes tasty. I looooooovvve the cake!

Brownie cake and malteser brownie cakeJam vs Custard make simply the best doughnuts that I have ever tasted! You could choose from vanilla custard, chocolate custard or jaffa cake. My favourite one that they do is the raspberry pavlova one, it’s a triumph!

jam vs custard donuts

They also make an incredible range of sourdough bread which they are currently supplying to some of the very best coffee shops in the region.

jam vs custard bread and buns

That’s enough desserts for one blog! How about the best fish and chips ever by the English Indian team.  My goodness, their cod is so fresh and tasty whilst the curry sauce and mushy peas are next level. I normally can’t stand mushy peas but they create such a lovely texture that they are irresistible.

English Indian Fish and chipsThere can only be one best burger in Brum and that crown goes to the awesome Original Patty Men. This Spring seen the team open their new craft beer, natural wine and cider bar Kilder. If you ever at OPM always go for whatever the special is and you will be in for a treat guaranteed. I once had the Bourbon Squealer which instead of sauce had a jam made out of whisky and bacon. Delicious!

original patty men stand

Remember what I said at the start about quality? The incredible European Street Food award-winning Baked in Brick were serving up super-flavoursome dishes including a ramen dish exclusive to the Independent Birmingham Festival.

Baked In Brick stand

This how to cook with style! I may try it myself at home with a bottle of Pip’s Hot Sauce. I cannot wait for Lee’s restaurant to open in the Custard Factory soon.

Baked in brick and Pip's hot sauce

Can I buy you an award-winning drink? Wine maestros Loki were on hand with some top quality fizz.

Loki Wine Stand

These are no ordinary drinks. Wines with attitude.

Loki Wine Bottles

They tempted me with a mountain strawberry liqueur. Refreshing but a little bitter for my taste.

Fragola Bellini

Inside the Bond was a stunning range of art, jewellery and crafts from the Midland’s best independents. The Upsy Daisy Craft stand looked especially pretty.

Upsy Daisy Crafts

Tom Wooley is a mapmaker extraordinaire. His map of Birmingham is in the middle of the display.

Tom Wooley Map display

Shello Graham has done an alphabet vegetable illustration range which is very striking.

Shelli Graham display

The display was fiercely protected by Shelli’s Alphabeti Yeti. I also loved the Brumhaus Rotunda piece.

Alphabeti yeti and Brumhaus bullring print

The Mini Mini clothing range was so colourful and charming.

Mini Mini clothing

We are nearing the end of the blog so better squeeze in one more dessert.  I was a waffle sceptic before the Bournville Waffle Company changed my mind. I was used to those nasty processed waffles from supermarkets. Bournville waffles are soft and tasty and so moreish with fruit and cream especially.

Bournville Waffle Company

Put all these incredible things together and waterway to spend a day.

Bond Company Canal

Look out for the next festival on July 21st and 22nd. Independent Birmingham Festival at Aston Hall

Independent Birmingham Festival Line-up