What a beautiful place the Tiffin Room is inside the very stylish Itihaas restaurant on Fleet Street. I absolutely adored the decor of this £2m palace. The whole point is to dine in style and the team behind Itihaas are experts at it. This room comes with its own bar, library and butler. How very Downton Abbey.

Moet champagne selection

James Bond has a real penchant for the finer things in life and I had already thought of the movie Octopussy before I clapped eyes on this vintage collection. The champagne here was the finest that I have tasted, flavours so crisp and clean. The Bond vibes are strong throughout the restaurant and I kept imagining a Bond baddie bursting through the doors at any moment with a menacing look and lethal set of footwear primed for his next target. I find avoiding eye contact always helps in those situations.

Bollinger champagne selection

The incredible interior is full of 18th and 19th Century gems and ornaments inspired by the Mughal era when dining was imperial and extravagant. I found it added a lot of character to the place and they pride themselves on delivering an authentic Royal Indian dining experience.

Ornament cabinet

Some truly wonderful objects on display, I really loved all the history behind the display and it makes you want to learn more about that era.

Golden jewelled elephant ornament

This is the Maharaja Suite on the lower level which seats up to 60 people and those exquisite doors are 300 years old. I found it very intimate and relaxing and encouraging me to find more time and money for the finer things in life.

Itihaas lower dining level

Back upstairs into the main dining area, I found the surroundings a joy to dine in. Gorgeous wooden doors, I couldn’t help to imagine something extravagant going on behind them. A royal dining room perhaps.

itihaas interior

These shutters made me think of the Orient Express. It would be a crime for Poirot to wander in and start interrogating people with those little grey cells of his.

itihaas interior

So surrounded by all this culture, elegance, history and style when it came to ordering lunch what did I do? I ordered a large bucket of kebab and chips.

paneer tikka and chips, lamb keema

I’m never going to be a proper food blogger, am I? The dish on the left was served with paneer tikka but I would recommend that you go for the lamb sheekh kebab option as it comes with a lovely tomato and chilli relish as well as a paprika mayonnaise. The Bombay scented chips were very moreish indeed. I loved the lamb dosa served with sambar and coconut chutney. Really good quality and fresh ingredients, no shortcuts are taken by Itihaas chefs who come from Indian Five-Star hotel backgrounds.

The real stars of the lunch menu are the delicious selection of thali platter options. You can choose from vegetarian, shahi, street food and executive thali options. I went for the shahi thali which came with lamb rogan josh, chicken makhani, dhal, rice, Makhan naan, raita and coconut kheer. The dish is a lot of fun and a mini feast for the taste buds. The lamb was so succulent and the chicken tender. 6 tasty dishes for only £11.50.

shahi thali dish selection

We also tried the Bombay Burger potato and mixed veg Tikki which was decent but not as enjoyable as the thali. Overall it was a tremendous lunch, I would recommend Itihaas as a wonderful place to have a meeting, a catchup with a friend or a treat for someone special. I can’t wait to try the evening menu.

itihaas veggie burger and menu

Itihaas you have a lot of style and I respect that. See you soon.

itihaas elephant statue

For more details visit: Itihaas website