Dear Ivy Birmingham,

“Words don’t come easy to me. How can I find a way to make you see I love you? Words don’t come easy.” I have many delusions of grandeur so hanging out in posh places feeds that fantasy of mine greatly! We visited the Ivy a few weeks after it opened for a relaxing Sunday brunch vibe.

We started off with an incredibly refreshing peach and elderflower iced tea which I loved plus a strawberry and cream soda which lacked a little punch for me.

Strawberry and vanilla cream soda with peach iced tea cooler

I absolutely adore the interior design. It’s colourful and intricate with a luxurious wow factor.

Ivy Birmingham interior

I found the surroundings super-relaxing and that lovely view of St Philip’s Cathedral is conducive to slowing down your fast-paced lifestyle and just enjoy being in the moment.

Ivy Birmingham lounge

The menu is very traditional with lots of classic dishes such as shepherd’s pie, fish cakes and chicken salad. I’m so used to the new restaurants in Birmingham having something exotic or new on their menu that I felt a little boring going for the Ivy Burger and Steak and chips options. The burger was just okay, not as good as say the Canal House and my steak had not been rested which was a schoolboy error. With hindsight, I would have tried the crab linguine or the prawn and monkfish curry.

Steak and chips, Ivy burger and chips

If the main courses were underwhelming then the desserts were mindblowing! The awesome melting chocolate bomb with vanilla ice cream and honeycomb centre had the wow factor when the hot salted caramel sauce was poured over it to melt the tasty chocolate dome.

Chocolate bomb before and after hot caramel

With the delicious strawberry ice sundae, the Ivy really proved that they have the skills to pay the bills. Incredible ice cream with meringue, a warm strawberry sauce and gorgeous shortbread. A total winner.

Strawberry sundae

I would recommend the Ivy for the experience and as a treat. I will go back soon to try either the breakfast options or the afternoon tea.

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